Our Services

Early Intervention unit

The Early Intervention Unit provide stimulatory learning environment in the least restricted environment. Programmes are developmentally appropriate and consider the whole children’s development. The activities include talking and reading aloud to the student, giving a hand massage, bringing in objects the student does not normally have around such as sand and sea shells.


Pre-School unit

The Pre-School group gives students a positive, secure and flexible environment, whenever the child has a chance to learn according to their own skills and developmental level. The children work in one to one sessions with the adults, small group work sessions, and independent work sessions. Communication and social skills is a significant aspect of what we do and is emphasized during the programme.


School unit

This is a centre-based programme for school age children with special needs; the unit provides a structured educational programme on a daily basis.


Young Adult unit

This unit helps the adolescent to acquire vocational skills for survival and independent living. The programmes in this unit include information technology (using computers), Gardening, Sewing, Pottery, Home economics, and jewellery making.





This unit provides support to students to develop their physical and motor skills to the maximum level. This unit focuses mainly on a student’s ability to act independently as much as possible and maintain the right positions and change the wrong ones. Developmental activities help student’s to achieve educational goals by maximizing the level of physical performance and the dynamic level of performance.